We’ll head to Sintra town where we’ll try 8 different wines from Porto and Lisbon region and also the oldest wine in Europe.

What’s Included: transportation, guide, tasting of 8 different wines, snacks, cheese, presunto, olives, bread

Price per person: 60€
Private tour: 350€

Some local expressions really show our culture in a true and meaningful way.
Describing Portugal, like we do, as a little corner planted by the sea, does not allude simply to a geographical statement. Its much more than that. Its our way to treat with tenderness a place where a 9 century long history began. A litlle place with a big heart. Half facing the depth and unkown of its 850 kilometers of atlantic shore line and the other half facing the European continent, proud of being one of its the oldest countries.
So yes, like the saying, there is more than meets the eye. Tough your eyes wont believe when you meet us. So visit Portugal and Make Portugal Holidays unforgettable with TRUE LOCALS.
We are local people and we will show you all the secrets still to unveil. Start to prepare your Portugal travel and chose the best Portugal Tours. We have several options, all of them thinking in your happiness and delight. You can even choose between a Foot Tour, a Wine Tour or both.
As its known all over the world, our wine is one of the finest attractions of our country, complementing a Mediterranean, healthy and rich Portuguese die. The success of Portugal tourism and Portugal resorts, its due not only to this of course, but also to the sense of comfort and warmth from local people
Things to do in Portugal? Best places to visit in Portugal? Where to go in Portugal? We have all this answers for you.
You can also choose Lisbon Tours or Sintra Tours. Be local, be local with us. Join us on this adventure, and try one or more of our incredible Portugal Tours: Lisbon by Night, Lisbon by Vintage Beetle, Sintra, Pena Palace and Sunset or Sintra by Locals.
There is much to see. And we are here  to see it with you so your  holidays in Portugal become a true future living memory.